CHS protecting shores



June 18, 2018- Rep. Smith took swift action on the shoaling occurring near the mouth of the Manasquan Inlet. As a result of the shoaling, ships that enter the Inlet have difficulty navigating. Thanks to Smith and Point Pleasant Boro Mayor Stephen Reid’s resourceful efforts, dredging operations in the Inlet began today.

According to Steve Frank, a columnist for the Asbury Park Press, Mayor Reid and Rep. Smith “bolted out of the starting gate” to secure the dredging operations, demonstrating their leadership in the shore communities. After Smith contacted the Army Corps of Engineers, a channel depth survey was conducted which demonstrated the need for immediate dredging operations. Without these dredging operations, the build up of sand would represent a danger to the commercial and recreational traffic in the Inlet.

Frank stated that “[Smith] knows how to get things done,” ensuring that the Manasquan Inlet remains a safe place for families to enjoy as the summer kicks off.

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