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ENDORSEMENT: Re-elect Smith in 4th District

“Those who have consistently voted for Smith over the years — 68 percent of the electorate in 2014 and more than 60 percent in each of his re-election victories… rightly regard him as a highly principled public official who works tirelessly to make life better for those who have been dealt a bad hand.

“Smith’s generally conservative views on social issues co-exist with a belief that government has an obligation to come to the aid of victims — women sold into slavery, disabled and homeless veterans, autistic children and adults and their parents, Lyme disease victims, Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers, and parents of children who have been abducted to foreign countries.

Smith has been a good friend to veterans and to those who have had to confront a variety of debilitating illnesses and diseases. He has advocated for, and won funding for, stem cell research and research into Lyme disease, Alzheimer’s, autism spectrum disorder and hydrocephalus.”

Read the full endorsement here.